Sites I Have Worked On

These are some expamples of what I have done. My only limits are set by HTML and Perl. I am adding Javascript to my skillset currently.

I created this site with my friend Justin. It was made for Elaine Cheris, the founder of Justin's fencing school and a US Olympian.

I have been involved in updates and small projects for the origional site. I made the "Testimonials" pages, "The Home Buying Process" pages, site template adjustments, and minor custom graphics.

And ofcourse I do all of the work on my own site. I host it on my own server which is also a Damn Small Linux mirror. My site is basically a playground for me to experiment with techniques and styles. I am always adding to my server, but website updates are sporadic. It is a combination of public/business/personal content as of yet.

I have worked with Frank, the owner of The Ranch Wine & Spirits, creating this website for his business. The goal of this site is to be simple and informational. I think it fulfills that criteria pretty well. The site is updated with weekly specials and Wine Class information, and his Mailing List refers to information on the site.