Programs I Have Written and/or Added to

Please feel free to use any of these programs. I very much believe in the ideology of Open Source Software, and would like to contribute what I can back to the community. This is my humble start.

I barely have any programs on here, soon I will put up all my programs

Estimating Pi
User controlled accuracy in estimating pi

My IRC Bot
The ever evolving code of my first IRC Bot.
Comments, questions, contributions, and requests for functionality are welcome :)

Linux System Error Number Report Generator
A simple program that displays Linux system Error numbers and their meanings

Top 10 Largest User Home Directories
Reports the 10 largest user home directories and emails them to an email account

Standard Unit Conversion Tool (mi,km,g,oz)
Boring conversion tool (old homework) that convers Mi->Km, Km->Mi, Oz->G, G->Oz.

Music I have written

Here are 2 (progressive trance) techno songs I mixed a few years back


The Last Dance

I would love to hear any feedback you may have about the songs, just email me at the address found on my MAIN PAGE