My Europe Summer 2004 Photo Galleries

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This trip took place from 27 July through 11 August of 2004. I arrived in Paris on the morning of the 28th and stayed for 2 days. I then took a train through the Chunnel to London where I spent 2 days. I grabbed a train to Brighton the next day and stayed there for 3 lovely days. Next I took a train north to Stratford-Upon-Avon and explored around there for the next 3 days. With my trip more than half over I headed back to London by train and spent 2 more days there. My flight back to Denver was out of Paris, so I caught another train through the Chunnel back to Paris the day before I had to leave. I got to see a little more of the city before I had to catch my flight back to Denver the afternoon of the 11th.

First visit to Paris

First time in London

Brighton Gallery

Beautiful Monmartre

Sacre Coeur


Holland Park

Hyde Park

London 2nd Visit

Notting Hill

Paris 2nd Visit